New Cast To Perform In Jersey Boys ⇢

SAN DIEGO – Casting has been announced for the San Diego engagement of the Tony, Grammy and Olivier Award-winning hit musical Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, playing at The San Diego Civic Theatre from October 21-26.

The cast of Jersey Boys will be led by Nicolas Dromard (Tommy DeVito), Keith Hines (Nick Massi), Hayden Milanes (Frankie Valli) and Drew Seeley (Bob Gaudio) as The Four Seasons, with Barry Anderson and Thomas Fiscella.

Drew Seeley is the new Bob Gaudio on tour. Welcome, Drew!

Jeff Leibow to leave ‘Jersey Boys’ for role with NF Network ⇢

In “Jersey Boys,” the character of Nick Massi is the first to leave the core group that was The Four Seasons. As he says to the audience, “I just want to go home.”

Jeff Leibow, who has portrayed Massi on the Strip for more than five years, is going home, in a manner of speaking, to the cause that is his life passion.

He told the sold-out crowd at Composers Showcase in Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center on Wednesday night that he will be leaving “Jersey Boys” when his contract expires in November.

Jeff Leibow’s final performance is November 23rd. Congratulations on a great run in Jersey Boys — and on all your past, present and future hard work with the NF Hope Foundation! 

Interview with the Jersey Boys | Superbreak Blog ⇢

Andrew Rannells talks ‘Hedwig’ pressure, ‘Girls’ Broadway connections ⇢

Off of “Tear Me Down,” what was the worst review you ever read about yourself?
When I was on tour with Jersey Boys, I was playing Bob Gaudio, so this review went through all the boys saying nice things about them and then for mine it said, “Andrew Rannells is tall as Bob Gaudio.” Is tall.

That’s awful.
I know. Is tall. It wasn’t exactly the most genius review, but my little snippet was, “Is tall.” I was like, F–k. You. “Andrew Rannells is tall.”

'Jersey Boys' Alum Will Return to the Role of Bob Gaudio on Broadway ⇢

Welcome back, Quinn!

Bob Crewe, Songwriter for Frankie Valli and Four Seasons, Dies at 83 - The New York Times ⇢

We wanted to share with you a curtain speech from last night in honor or Bob Crewe, penned by JERSEY BOYS co-author, Rick Elice:

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to the show tonight. We had some news today, some sad news. Bob Crewe, the lyricist and producer of so many of the Four Seasons original hits, the man that Frankie, Bob Gaudio, Tommy and Nick referred to as The FIFTH Season, passed away this morning.

Bob Crewe was a music industry icon in the 50s, 60s and 70s - three decades, and that’s no small accomplishment.

Ten years ago, he became part of the Jersey Boys family, when the show was originally created in Southern California and a year later on Broadway. He was never happier, Crewe said, then when he stood right here, on this stage, on opening night, and took a bow.

Jersey Boys brought Crewe great joy, and he brought great joy to us. He’ll always be part of the Jersey Boys family, and like the little man with the big heart always says: “Family is everything.”
Take another bow, Bob Crewe. And feel the love.

- Jersey Boys Broadway’s facebook (x)

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The Great Songwriter And Producer Bob Crewe Dies At 82 ⇢

It is a sad day for not only for us but also for everyone who was touched by a man who created his legacy by doing just that … touching people’s hearts. Bob Crewe’s lyrics have meant so much, to so many, for so long, it is hard to imagine they will ever be forgotten. Bob had a way about him in life as he did in the studio, a charismatic personality, an ability to draw the best out of everyone and a limitless joy of music, art and life. The years that we spent creating music were amazing. We learned together and grew together as artists. We will never forget Bob Crewe our partner…our brother, in music and our good friend in life.

- Statement by Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio on the Passing of Bob Crewe


Thank you, Bob Crewe.